It's easy

Install iotty Smart Switch and with just a WiFi connection your home becomes instantly Smart.
Thanks to the iotty built-in WiFi, you won’t need any HUB or central unit.
Remove your old switch, install iotty and connect it to your WiFi through the app.

*You only need the Phase and the Neutral wires, that’s it. If you have any doubts, write to our Support Team.

A design statement
for Smart Homes

Everybody is going to notice.
Bright and modern. It gives an elegant touch that your walls deserve.

The best high-quality

Enjoy the beautiful design, the amazing quality and the attention to detail. 

Just a word away

Tell your WiFi switches what to do by talking to 
the most common Vocal Assistants.


iotty App

Keep every iotty under control thanks to the intuitive APP.
Create actions, receive notifications, manage energy consumption, and personalize everything the way you want it.

Synchronize your home with the environment.

A lot more than a switch: tune your lights to the environment, switch them on based on the sun, on the weather, on your location…

What colour would you like?

Select your favourite colour. Express yourself to the fullest by choosing the perfect faceplate.

What people say about iotty

Being an image consultant, I’ve made a step forward with the iotty switch.
Eddy Makura
Thank you for a great experience and well done on a great product. Received my switches and they look fantastic.
Christos Poulos
Great company and great product. Mounted in a few minutes and paired with the application in even less.
Gladys Davids
I want to say you have a fantastic product. I installed it and it was very easy and looks great.
Cuan Pollock
I like its design, it enhances my house's architecture! The installation was easy and immediate even if I am not a pro.
Devane Naidoo
I am very happy with my Iotty! The app is also really easy and simple to use.
Allessio Treccia

Details and Features


To keep energy consumption under control.


Switch on iotty when you enter a specific geographical area.


Switch on iotty at sunrise or at sunset.


Turn on iotty based on weather conditions.


Switch on iotty at a specific time.


Use Wi-Fi to create a central button to control them all.


To keep energy consumption under control.


Choose to share a selected gang with any other user.


Program iotty backlight to turn on or change its brightness.


Use WiFi to create multi-way switching.


Make your garage door smart by connecting it to iotty.


Turn on iotty when your smartphone connects to a specific wifi. *Available only for Android

Data sheet iotty Smart Switch I3

Product nameiotty Smart Switch
Gang Type3 gang



ManufacturerDesigned by iotty srl in Italy, Assembled in China
Product compatibilityWi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n/e/i, Wi-Fi direct (P2P)
Radio Power20dBm max
WiFi versionWiFi 802.11
WiFiCan be turned off, Only works with 2.4GHz band
Input230 Vac
Frequency50 Hz
CurrentMax 5A per output
Stand by power<0.5W
Working temperature0°C ÷ +40°C
Wire requiredNeutral

– Any bulb (incandescent, fluorescent, LED) with a maximum load of 5A
– Any other resistive load of maximum 5A
– Minimum Load 3W

available colors: white, black, grey, tan, blue

Grey, Tan and Blue available only on request

space required by the iotty Smart Switch electrical box

recommended screw holes positions and measurements